At eVenues, offices often come to us to list conference rooms and board rooms that they don't happen to be using to rent out by the hour. We love to do this, but the problem is that these rooms usually don't have a name other than, well, "Conference Room". Considering how many conference rooms we have on the site, it might be handy (not to mention fun) to be a little creative with your room names. Some other reasons to be creative about room names, other than saving the eVenues staff extra work naming your rooms on our site ;)
  • People don't get confused about who is using what room when.
  • Creative room names increase employee morale. They make your office feel unique--a place set apart from the rest of cubicle nation. Bonus points if you have your employees name the rooms, they'll get a sense that they've contributed to making the place home
  • You get to "show off" a bit of your company culture to visitors of your office.
Need some inspiration? Here's a list of the most creative Room names that we've found, listed in order of room names that have the most interesting backstory.

1.  Übermind HQ in Seattle, WA

Room Names: Bunker, Pylon, Hive, Orbital, Spire, Armory, Forge, Nexus, Lair

Backstory: Übermind is a an interactive agency that creates mobile apps for large corporate clients. The name of the company is based on a character (The Overmind) from the popular video game StarCraft. As if the name alone wasn't enough to establish geek cred for the developers and designers they were looking to hire they went one step further and named each of the rooms after building names from the game. Each of the rooms have custom decals (designed by the staff to look like the buildings in the game)  to identify them. Check out the complete album of  pictures here.

2. SoftLayer HQ in Dallas, TX

Room Names: SLales, CBNO, Geneous, Unicorn, Automation, Innovation, 204A, SLacker, Pink, 3Bars, SLayer, Funky Truck, 05-05-05, Muenster, Midway, SharkByte. Backstory:  SoftLayer is dedicated server hosting company. Although these names don't really seem to be particularly fun or ingenious, they really are. Each of these names have significance in the companies history. "Pink", for example, is the name of the CFOs conference room (a CFO who often wears pink). 204A was the original building name of the room but they decided not to name it in respect of the lawyer hating ghost that they believe might reside there. Each of the names tells a story, and really gives you a sense of the company culture--a true stroke of genius. For more about why they had chosen the room names, check out their blog post about it here.

3. SEOmoz HQ in Seattle, WA

Room names: Batcave, Hall of Justice, Thunderdome, Death Star, Mos Eisley Cantina, Spider Skull Island. BackStory: SEOMoz is a company that creates SEO Software. True to the "fun" tenet of their TAGFEE (Transparent and Authentic, Generous, Fun, Empathetic, Exceptional) ideals they've labeled their meeting rooms after famous comic book/sci-fi lairs. Check out the other pictures on this post here. (Hat-tip from Adam Philipp of AEON Law)

4. Square HQ in San Francisco, CA

Room Names: Heroes Square, Liberty Square, Lafayette Square, Dam Square, etc. Backstory: Square is a company that creates a square shaped device that allows people to accept credit card payments using a smartphone. It only seems natural that they’ve named their conference room after famous “Squares” in the world.

5. Red Nova Labs in Westwood, KS

Room Names: Endeavor(Pictured Above), Armstrong, Gemini, Mercury, Discovery, Atlantis, Voyager, Lovell, Glenn Bathroom Names: George, Jane, Judy, and Elroy :D Backstory: Red Nova Labs is a web development and marketing agency. The company got its name from a red nova, a stellar explosion thought to be caused by the merger of two stars. Thus it seemed only natural for the rooms around the building have been named after space explorers, scientists and vehicles. Not only do the room names reflect the company name, but the red and white company colors are ubiquitous throughout the space. You can see more pictures of the space here.

6. Poggled in Chicago, IL

Room Names: "It's 5:00 Somewhere" and "Stay Thirsty My Friend" Backstory: Poggled is a company that focuses on nightlife and deals on bar tabs. Extra points for the "most interesting man" poster in the "Stay Thirsty" room :).

7. Microsoft N.E.R.D in Cambridge, MA

Room Names: In-sane, In-Continent, In-Famous, In-Capable. Backstory: N.E.R.D stands for the New England Research and Development center, and it's pretty much the center of operations for Microsoft on the East coast. Their room theme, if you haven't figured it out, are words that sound funny with the prefix "in-" (Hat-tip from Cy Kormaee, COO at

8. BlueGrace Logistics, Riverview, FL

Room Names:"Imagine"(Conference Room), "Wonderwall" (Training Room with dry erase board paint on walls), Comfortably Numb (Break Room), "S. Carter" (Meeting Room), "Hypnotize" (Meeting Room), "Make it Rain" (Sprinkler Room), Techno (Networking Room), "Electric Avenue" (Electric Room), "Cleaning out my Closet" (Storage Closet)

Other Creative Room Names:

Cisco HQ San Jose, CA Room Names (Building C):  Free Parking, Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens, etc. Room Names (Another Building): Barney, Fred, Wilma, Betty, etc. Cisco also apparently has a "beer building" where all the conference rooms are named after beers. We think this is very cool. SPARC, Charleston, SC Room Names: Bacon Fort/Awesome Chuck Norris (these two have a removable wall to make Chuck Norris) Agile, Buttercup, Wolverine Tableau Software, Seattle WA Room Names: Cezanne, Picasso (Famous Artists). Each room has a picture of a signature painting from the artist. Dell HQ, Austin TX Room Names: Capitals of the world. (Hat tip from Naysawn Naderi, founder of ArtSumo) AEON Law Offices, Seattle WA Room Names: Gondor, The Shire My Web Grocer, Winooski VT The Situation Room – reserved for very important executive meetings The Cave – this room is in the middle of the office, kind of dark with no windows or natural light The Cooler – looks like the inside of a cooler, blue with many windows The Fishbowl – as above, this looks like the inside of a fishbowl, green with lots of windows --------------------------------------------- New here? You might want to check out some of our popular posts: Out of town and don't have a meeting room to use? Be sure to check out our meeting rooms in Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Stormtrooper Photo by Ha-Wee  

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Photo by: Michael Ruiz

At eVenues we like to stay on top of the best blogs about events, technology, and of course, event technology. We tweet and share the best blog posts we find but there always are a select few posts that we believe deserve special mention.

This week those posts are:

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