Somewhere out there is the perfect mobile app for your event. Do a few searches on Google and you'll find that there more than a dozen of them.

Before you decide to give up and start flipping coins we thought we'd help you out a bit with your decision. Chances are you're not looking for an app that does everything competently, but rather an app that does one thing really well. So we at eVenues reached out to the CEOs and marketing executives of the mobile apps companies and asked them two simple questions:

  • 1. What is the one feature that event planners will find most attractive?
  • 2. What is the one feature that attendees will find most attractive?

To ensure we didn't get a novel back from our respondents, we asked them to keep their answers down to 2-3 sentences. Also, to help you navigate through this rather long list, we took the liberty of highlighting the interesting and unique details in bold text.

Behold, the apps! (in no particular order):


Event Planners Will Like:

"The feature that event planners appreciate most about Guidebook is its simplicity. Guidebook has a really easy to use content management system, and a great customer support team that actually knows the events industry. This means that event planners can give us their information and forget about it. This is a rare quality in the mobile apps space (especially rare given Guidebook's low price).

Attendees Will Like:

"As far as attendees are concerned, most event apps offer the same features (schedules, exhibitor listings, social media, etc.). What really distinguishes Guidebook is the user interface. Guidebook has a clean, intuitive design, and almost everything works lightening fast without need for Wifi. Other apps are dependent on a constant internet connection, as well as being confusing and prone to crashes." 

--Alan Blank, Director of Marketing at Guidebook Inc.

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Event Planners Will Like:

"As DoubleDutch is geared primarily towards enterprise grade events, our event planners tend to appreciate our platform's scalability and enterprise class security.  Our sweet spot for customers are those that throw between 10-500 events per year.  Our platform is all about helping event planners create fluid event apps that live on throughout the year creating ongoing, mobile communities."

Attendees Will Like:

"From an end user perspective, it's DoubleDutch's social functionality that really sets it apart.  From activity feeds, to "people matching," to points based leaderboards and achievement badges, the DoubleDutch platform provides numerous ways for attendees to connect with other people."

 --Lawrence Coburn, CEO at DoubleDutch

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EventBoard by Falafel Software

Event Planners Will Like:

"Event planners love our low cost model. No need to pay an arm and a leg every year to create or update your own application.  With EventBoard, all of the new bells and whistles are included for one tiny event fee and the first time you use the application it is completely free."

Attendees Will Like:

Attendees enjoy the intuitive layout of EventBoard. As a native application for multiple platforms, EventBoard looks and feels like it belongs on each device. No need to wade through countless screens and learn new menu systems,  EventBoard gets right to the heart of things letting attendees immediately start planning their day, getting news and alerts, viewing maps and providing feedback.

 --Mike Dugan, Director of Marketing at Falafel Software Inc.

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Event Planners Will Like:

"KitApps offers a do-it-yourself solution that's very intuitive and takes as little as 30 minutes to complete.  Because KitApps is a do-it-yourself product you get iPhone, Android and a Web App versions all for only $249 and event planners are in total control of content updates.  If you have a last minute schedule or speaker change you can push new content to phones instantly without having to get developers involved."

Attendees Will Like:

"Attendees appreciate the simplicity of the app, it offers all the key features they need to navigate an event (schedule, speaker & sponsor profiles, maps, twitter feeds, etc).  All the functionality in the app is accessible from one convenient home screen and users can create personalized schedules and set reminders for key sessions."

 --Michael Balyasny, Co-Founder at KitApps

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Event Planners Will Like:

"So easy to get - and keep! ShowGizmo is available on all major device platforms AND there's a mobile web version (that works offline too) so everyone can get the event in their hand - and if they go to another show that's using ShowGizmo, they simply switch to that event within ShowGizmo without having to clutter their phone with more apps."

Attendees Will Like:

"ShowGizmo provides the 'swiss army knife' approach - all the tools and options you need for your all your events in one app template, with the ability to turn on and off features at any time."

 --Josh Dry, Marketing Consultant at ShowGizmo

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“What's On?” by Triqle

Event Planners Will Like:

"“What's On?” is the most efficient way to publish information to all your attendees. In a single click your event program is published in real-time to any device with an internet connection: laptops, mobile phones, tablets, PDF, social media, screens and whatever might be the hottest device of 2013!"

Attendees Will Like:

"“What's On?” shows only information that is relevant: Attendees can always see at a single glance what is going on now and next. No clicking, no scrolling, no flipping."

--Gerrit Heijkoop, Co-Founder at Triqle Event Intelligence

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Event Planners Will Like:

"One of the most impressive features of Bloodhound is that it allows exhibitors and attendees to connect with each other in a simple way. For instance, when an attendee wants more information from an exhibitor, they can simply “Request Follow-Up” in the Bloodhound app. Bloodhound will then pass the attendee’s contact info along to the exhibitor as inbound lead generation. New updates to the app also allow exhibitors to scan an attendee’s badge using their mobile device so that information can be collected for follow-up at a later time."

Attendees Will Like:

"Bloodhound allows attendees and exhibitors to leave their business cards at home when they are attending important conferences. The app integrates with both LinkedIn and Facebook so that users are able to see all of the different people they know at the event, and so that they can exchange information with new people when they want to (and don't have to worry about sorting through a pile of new business cards when they return home from the event)."

--Anthony Krumeich, Founder and CEO at Bloodhound

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Event Planners Will Like:

"E-proDirect's team is comprised of nothing but meeting and event professionals and therefore we have a clear understanding of meeting planner's primary needs especially having the ability to engage and include the maximum number of attendees possible in any initiatives.  With that in mind we have developed our native event app solution to operate on 97% of all smartphones at one affordable price."

Attendees Will Like:

"Based on the feedback from our current clients and their attendees, our intuitive design and easy navigation enhance the attendee's event experience.  EproMeetingApps also allow the attendee the ability to save agenda items and exhibitor/attendee contact information directly to their smartphone's operating systems calendar and contact directory.  This offers the attendees the ability to maintain one calendar and contact directory across multiple devices."

 --Tracy Fairman, CEO at E-ProDirect

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Conference Compass

Event Planners Will Like:

"Conference Compass apps are packed with powerful features. But what really makes us stand out from rest is our flexibility and commitment to customize and configure each app to fit the needs and style of each individual client."

Attendees Will Like:

"Our apps have the most comprehensive support for large scientific programs that you can find. It's offline, fast, and very easy to use. It allows attendees to make their personal itinerary and use it as they go."

 --Jelmer van Ast, Founder and Managing Director at Conference Compass

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Event Planners Will Like:

"One of the biggest standouts for our mobile app (beyond the feature set) is value. Many mobile apps in the industry can cost up to $30,000, but the Pathable mobile web application is included with the cost of every Pathable community. No hidden fees - just an entire event community accessible on every modern mobile device (Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7, iPad/iPhone)."

Attendees Will Like:

"The biggest reason attendees are spending money to attend events in person is to network, and Pathable's mobile app helps them do that - on-site and on the go. Attendees can do it all: browse the complete event schedule, view/edit their personal schedule, participate in discussions, schedule private one-to-one or group meetings, view attendee/exhibitor profiles, manage their contact list, send private messages and more."

 --Tara Barnes, Director of Marketing at Pathable

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EventPilot by ATIV Software

Event Planners Will Like:

"EventPilot attracts planners through its professionalism which is not only reflected in the design and performance of the app but also through the individual service and support each of our clients receive. At ATIV, we make the process of releasing a branded conference app easy and our dedicated Project Managers guide each client from project start until after the event ends through all customization options and data management. Our dedicated team assists in implementing either direct data synchronization or configures the intuitive CMS so that planners can simply publish last minute changes in seconds themselves."

Attendees Will Like:

"EventPilot apps are the offline Swiss Army Knife for attendees and turn the event program into an educational tool since EventPilot supports unmatched offline PowerPoint presentation slide viewing with slide-based note taking. EventPilot is used by some of the largest healthcare conferences that have complex schedules with over 5,000 sessions and offline searchable abstracts. For attendees, the app simply needs to work at all times and provide instant access to event information, help them plan their schedule, find their way, and easily stay organized with all notes or key learnings."

 --Silke Fleischer, Co-Founder at ATIV Software

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Event Planners Will Like:

"A fully customizable, yet cost-effective solution, of course! With our platform, every client creates custom native apps, branded for their event, with features that match their goals. Event planners can launch games, send out updates and announcements, create surveys to collect feedback... the list goes on."

Attendees Will Like:

"Attendees can take notes, mark 'favorite' items, view handouts, and message other attendees within our apps. With our new Interact module, attendees can find others with similar interests or those that are connections on LinkedIn."

 --Alex Kaplan, VP of Sales and Marketing at MagToGo

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MINT by ITM Mobile
MINT by ITM Mobile

Event Planners Will Like:

"24/7 access to manage content and last minute updates in an intuitive, effective, affordable and easy-to-use tool. Add to this the fact that ITM Mobile provides me as a planner with the option to choose from a "DIY" (do-it-yourself), "Fully Serviced" or "Custom Made" solution in a web-based, Native Hybrid or Off-Line version - and I am sold!"

Attendees Will Like:

"The easy-to -use and intuitive navigation that allows attendees to find what they are looking for when they need it. Everything from Agenda to Speakers, Destination and Venue information, links to Exhibitors and Sponsors, plus unique added features such as Auto-Match puts everything I need readily available at ones fingertips."

 --Ita Grossman, CEO of ITM Mobile

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Event Planners Will Like:

"Fully self service: event planners will find the no barriers entry level most attractive. No development project, no salesmen on the phone, just create an event, enter the content and that's it!"

Attendees Will Like:

"Simple, simple, just what they need: the who, what, where and when information about the event, without all the bells and whistles. "

 --Derrick Stomp, Co-founder at Twoppy

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Event Planners Will Like:

"The TapWalk platform allows you to create exactly the app you need because it is endlessly customizable, configurable, and extendable.  The admin site allows you to assemble your custom app from a wide range of existing plug-and-play components (indoor & outdoor maps, schedules, news, registration, favorites, QRC scanning, social media integration, RSS feeds, scavenger hunts, etc).  The architecture also supports custom extensions to support any feature you can dream of and an API to support integration with other systems."

Attendees Will Like:

"Pre-planning with the app before the show is important.  Being more efficient and effective during the show is a given.  But, the real money is made after you head home.   Rather than stashing your collection of business cards in a drawer, a TapWalk app allows you to track and then export your notes and reference data - transforming them into leads in your salesforce automation system such as"

 --David Owens, Founder of Tapwalk

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App Baker

Event Planners Will Like:

"The benefit for event planners using AppBaker is the fact that they get a turnkey solution to build their event app fast and inexpensively. The Event Starter Pack, AppBaker's turnkey solution, includes a powerful CMS, the AppBaker Player to test the app on the actual device and easy publishing under their own Developer Account, among others. All an event planner needs to do is add their content and branding."

Attendees Will Like:

"Event apps created with AppBaker's Event Starter Pack include WeLink as a standard feature. WeLink is a powerful, engaging networking tool for attendees. It helps them find and connect with other like-minded people before, during and after the event, by using a variety of search criteria."

 --Artemis Pattichi, PR for AppBaker

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Core Apps

Event Planners Will Like:

"The one feature that event planners love the most after working with us is our customer service. We have many flashy features but helping them get the content into the app and walking them through the process takes a huge burden off the Event Planner. We have also worked with over fifty (50) 3rd party content managent companies and systems."

Attendees Will Like:

"Easy to use dashboard that directs them to all of the exhibitor info, sessions, build their schedule or import it, and a interactive map with navigation."

 --Jay Tokosch, CEO at Core-Apps

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eVenues Library

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This is why we've created our Event Planning Guide.

We realize that not everyone who books venues on our site are professional meeting planners, and there are so many questions that come up about meeting and event planning in our day to day dealings with customers that we thought it'd would be great to have a well organized library of articles that helped make our customers meetings better.

We've just started creating content but so far we've written about:

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