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If you are a party or event planner, you have quite an exciting job. It can be very rewarding to put together all of the little details to create a successful event. Whether a wedding, a birthday party, or a business awards dinner, planning an event or party can be exhilarating. When done right, your efforts can have a huge impact on the happiness of a large group of people — and what’s better than helping to plan an event or party that people will remember forever?

It goes without saying that there is a lot that goes into planning a successful event or party. From choosing the date, time, and location to arranging all of the fine details — such as the theme, the menu, and the activities to occur during the occasion — there is a lot to attend to in order to pull together a memorable event.

While an event or party planner’s job can certainly be enjoyable and rewarding, with so many different aspects to attend to and keep track of, it can also be challenging. Organization is the key to success in this industry. You can stay organized with different folders and portfolios, but there is a way to keep yourself super organized with ease: with event planning software.

What is event planning software:

As the name suggests, event planning software is a type of program designed with the intention to aid in the organization of events and parties. Professional event planners use it to keep track of events they are planning, keeping all aspects of the event planning process neat and in order.

Types of event planning software:
You can easily locate several different types of event planning software to suit your needs online. Some popular models include:

  • Eventbrite: Whether you’re planning a conference for thousands of people or a small retreat, this software will help you get the job done quickly and easily. With Eventbrite, you can not only plan your event, but you can promote it online, turning it into a huge success. You have the option to arrange for online registration and the sale of tickets, making it easier to manage the entire affair.
  • Planning Pod: With Planning Pod, you can plan out the details of your event and also easily connect with clients, vendors, and any staff that you may be working with, sharing the details of the affair and making sure everyone involved is up to speed. From weddings to conferences – to running a small business – Planning Pod makes it easy to run all types of events.
  • Events Clique: Not only can you plan out all of the details of your event, but you can actually lay out the design and bring the affair to life right on your computer with Events Clique. Simply input the details of your event space and import the products you intend on using, creating a virtual event space so you can see what your affair will look like before you actually bring it all together.


As you can imagine, there are definite advantages to using event planning software. The most obvious is the ability to stay organized. Another major benefit is that professional software can help you plan several events at one time, which really simplifies the process for professional planners.

Whether you are in need of professional or personal event planning software, finding it is easy. You can browse through different options online. Look through the features of the different types of software available and choose the one that best suits your needs. Once you purchase the software, you can begin your planning your next event.

Event planning software not only allows an event planning process to become easier, but for professionals, this software can help to boost success of a business.


Bridget Galbreath is a freelance writer who specializes in a wide range of topics, including event planning and business. She has written for companies such as Reputation.com.